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watercolour landscape by Keith Fenwick

The Landscapes of Keith Fenwick

Keith's expertise in landscape painting, his writing, teaching, video making and broadcasting has made him one of the most popular 'Landscape Painters.'

Keith Fenwick is the 'Art Doctor.' His series was shown on Sky TV over a period of fifteen months and was a great success, introducing viewers to the art of landscape painting. He has appeared on BBC and Cable TV and presented Granada's TV's 'Art School.'

He can be regularly seen on the Painting and Drawing Channel on Sky TV. Keith is an advisory panel member for the Society for All Artists. He is a professional artist, multi-company demonstrator, author of fifteen best-selling books and has made over forty videos/DVD's. His approach to teaching is refreshingly different and as a qualified and natural teacher, he explains his methods in a down to earth manner.

Keith Fenwick is one of the UK's leading landscape painters. He specialises in the painting of MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPES, RIVER SCENES and the painting of TREES IN THE LANDSCAPE.He is renowned for the representation of ATMOSPHERIC SKIES which establish the mood of the painting.

He has developed a range of specialist art materials to simplify the task of landscape painting including his UNIQUE TREE FOLIAGE AND FOREGROUND brushes and his SKY AND TEXTURE brush. His WONDER KNIFE makes the painting of stone walls, cliff's, rocks and mountain structurea simplicity itself. Keith's extensive range of TEACHING DVD's clearly show his approach to landscape painting(see web pages).

Keith is recognised for his informative and humorous approacch to painting, developed over fifty years of teaching during his Workshops and demonstrations at over 250 fine art shows and over 1000 TV programmes and painting holidays. Keith is the 'ART DOCTOR', the title reflected in his TV programmes which have provided viewers with an understanding of his techniques and approach to landscape painting. His 15 BEST SELLING ART BOOKS have provided readers worldwide with stage by stage instructions to landscape painting.

Keith's motivation is to attempt to represent the wonders of nature and the beauty of the landscape over all seasons and moods. He obtains pleasure in helping beginners to develop their skills and for the more experienced to produce that finished work of art of their dreams.

With over 40 DVD's to meet all levels of ability to choose from, he has concluded with a DVD showing how a few final brushstrokes can be applied to turn 5 paintings from satisfactory to finished fine art.


What's New

"Mountain Splendour" - This mountain range cannot fail to inspire the landscape painter.

For the less experienced, the first response may be 'I can't paint that.' Although the painting may look daunting, I want you to think of it as a jigsaw, linking each of the stages together to make a unified whole; that's how the landscape is painted.

Each area is painted at a time until the landscape painting is complete. The basic sequence is - begin with an outline drawing of the composition. The sky is painted first, followed by the distant features - in this example the mountain structures, followed by the middle distant mountains. The middle distant trees are painted next, followed by the foreground. The water is painted last with a few rocks being added to create interest. Finally think of a well known theatre expression - 'Design the set, arrange the elements and then light it.' A few carefully placed brush strokes, a splash of colour and tone here and there and some added highlights, can transform a mediocre painting into quality fine art.

I never finish a painting in one sitting unless it is a twenty-five minute demonstration for a TV programme or a demonstration at an art society where time is limited.

I like to look at a painting over several days to establish in my mind what I think is needed before applying the final brush strokes. See my new DVD 'Wild Adventures in Acrylics' - HOW TO FINISH A PAINTING' which shows my methods of working.

"Snow Capped" - is a landscape that I completed for a book in which I describe my approach to painting snow capped mountains. It displays a wonderful set of features that make up a colourful composition. I have used this painting for my 2013 Christmas card.

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