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This is my set-up for PAINTING OUTDOORS. I like to be comfortable when painting and to know where everything I require is. I always cover my palette with cling film (plastic wrap) so that when I have finished painting I can remove the cling film ready to re-cover the palette for the next day's painting.

You soon learn how much paint you put on your palette to save wastage. Any slight waste compensates for not having to clean the palette. I always like to begin with clean paint.

Here I am sitting on a chair precariously placed on a rock in the middle of a fast flowing lakeland beck with one foot in the water to retain my balance.


Here I am in my studio putting the finishing touches to a landscape painting of an 'Autumn Lake Scene.' Keith believes that anyone can be taught to paint and it is this understanding that has made his 13 books, over 40 DVD's and art materials best sellers.

Keith was the 'Art Doctor' on Sky TV being seen 3 times a day, 6 days a week over a 15 month period. He presented Granada TV's 'Art School,' BBC's Eleventh Hour Challenge and has also appeared on Cable TV. In all he has made over 1000 TV appearances.

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